4 Sustainable Ways To Keep Your Rugs Clean, Well, Always!

4 Sustainable Ways To Keep Your Rugs Clean, Well, Always!

If you are finding ways to keep your rugs clean, you should follow certain tips and tricks to keep your rugs looking alive. Be it an oriental rug or a Persian rug, your concern will always be about the amount that you invest in them and the way your rugs look. Therefore, it is important to take extreme care of your rugs by often looking out for the best choices out there. No matter what amount of care you offer, there are always chances of your rugs being prone to damage. To tackle this, there are several ways to deal with it, in a sustainable way. 

How To Keep Your Rugs Clean Using Sustainable Ways?

People often worry about the hassle that goes behind maintaining your rugs clean and spotless. In such cases, relying on sustainable ways to keep your rugs clean is the best thing that you can do. If you are someone wondering how to achieve such good-looking rugs, it is ideal to choose the best choices and make a grand move. Therefore, follow the 4 sustainable ways we mentioned here to keep your rugs clean.

  1. With The Help Of Effective And Mild Products 

Most people do not use good-quality products that will leave behind marks and damage. To avoid such things, one should choose the best quality cleaning agents and mild cleansers. If the products used are harsh, then there are higher chances of causing bad than good. There are certain rugs that might be hand-knotted. Such ones require special care and specific cleaning products. If you ever have concerns regarding the cleaning agents and the type of cleansers to be used, it is ideal to follow the instructions on the label. Be it blotting or extracting methods, it is important to do it in the right way using the right products. This is not only one of the best sustainable ways to keep your rugs clean but is also proven to be offering the best results. 

  1. Drying The Rugs Thoroughly 

In order to keep your rugs clean, it is important to dry your rugs thoroughly in addition to cleaning them neatly. This step is considered the most important and necessary step that can maintain your rug clean. Apart from this, it is also one of the ways to keep your rugs clean, using which you can prevent mould development. Be it professional rug cleaning or you do it on your own, it is very important to ensure that your rugs are devoid of moisture or water content. As many liquids and a lot of water are involved in the cleaning process, it is often possible that there are traces of water left on your rugs. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that your rugs are kept dry and preserved well. 

  1. Usage Of Eco-friendly Products 

Most of the cleaning agents that you use contain harsh and toxic chemicals. This can be very harmful and toxic to nature as well. Therefore, it is very important to rely on natural or eco-friendly cleaning agents. Since these products do not consist of junk particles in them, it is ideal and safe to use these products for cleaning your rugs. This is one of the effective ways to keep your rugs clean as well as make them planet-friendly. Unmindful usage of harsh chemicals and cleaning detergents can cause irreversible loss and is detrimental. Hence, it is not only harmful to you and your family members but can also cause a lot of damage to your pets as well. There are various types of eco-friendly cleaning products:

  • Vegan cleaning agents 
  • Plant-based cleansers 
  • Sustainable natural cleaning products. 
  1. Regular Vacuuming And Dusting 

This is also the most proven way that is not only effective but is also evident that regular cleaning of your rugs can keep them clean. 

  • Vacuuming: In order to have them dustless, you need to get regular vacuuming and dusting done. If you can not get the vacuuming done or you don’t have the vacuum pump, you can hire professionals. Because professionals do the best job with good-quality equipment. Vacuuming not only aids in the removal of dust particles but also aids in getting rid of impurities that are embedded deep inside the layers of the rug fabric. 
  • Dusting: If you can’t get the vacuuming done, you should at least get the dusting done often. This shows the results that are equivalent to vacuuming. If you plan to get the dusting done, you can hang your rug on the balcony; or occupy any open space and start to beat it hard with the help of a rug beater. If not, you can even use a stick to do so, this helps in dusting off all the particles that aid in the removal of dirt or any other particles that make your rug dirty. 

By following these measures, you can easily find ways to keep your rugs clean. Therefore, it is necessary for you to perform either vacuuming or dusting your rugs, to keep them clean and dust-free.


Treating your rugs right can increase their shelf-life to a larger extent. Therefore, you can rely on these sustainable ways to keep your rugs clean. You can trust these methods for getting the best results. They are often gentle and aid in the deep cleaning of your rugs. These methods not only benefit you but are also safe for your rug fabric as they can also cause no damage to your rugs during the process of cleaning them. No matter how much you care for your rugs; it is often suggested to get the expert’s services once in a while. This helps in making your rugs look aesthetic and neat as well as increases their longevity. But you also have an additional option, which is, to look for professional rug cleaning services